Top Ranked Restaurants in Manhattan

Dining can be a central part of our social experiences and it’s a great way to experience a new place. Trip Advisor has updated the top ranked restaurants in Manhattan and we agree with their list. Here they are (including our room service provider, Coco Bolos):

Big Lakes + Bluemont Hotel

Building long lasting partnerships is crucial to a business’ success. We are very proud of the dedication, hard work, and support we receive from Big Lakes Developmental Center, Inc. (BLDC).

Wildcats for Wildcats

In addition to the physical location of Bluemont Hotel (ie right in Aggieville and next to K-State), did you know that we are owned and run by KSU alum?

A History of Cocktails

You know we love a good well-crafted cocktail at the Bluemont Lounge. When you think of a “cocktail”, what’s the first type of drink that comes to mind? Maybe it’s a Manhattan, Old Fashioned or a Gin Martini. Well, did you know that there was a time in the United States were these cocktails were only served in underground speakeasies?

Christmas at Bluemont Hotel? Yes, please!

What’s your favorite family Christmas tradition? Many families have fond memories of decorating the tree, baking holiday cookies, wrapping presents, and sipping hot cider by the fire. Spending time with your loved ones is the most precious part of the holiday season. At the Bluemont Hotel, we love hosting families during the holidays and helping them enjoy their quality time together.

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