It’s no secret that Manhattan, Kansas is pretty great. Recent results came in at #2 on Livability’s list of 10 Best College Towns. We know the many reasons MHK is great, but what were the factors considered in crowning our great town with this honor? U.S. cities with at least one college campus and a population of 20,000 to 350,000 were considered, then ranked based on median salary, percentage of the population ages 20-29, and the number of jobs in the education sector. 

Some things that make Manhattan unique, according to the article include breweries, bookstores, tons of coffee shops (no seriously, it’s a running joke that there are only more real estate agents than coffee shops in town), as well as great outdoor and indoor recreation for all ages. 

What keeps alumni coming back? Livability noted K-State’s core value being family, with that feeling extending beyond graduation for all Wildcats. 

Others on the Top 10 Best College Towns: 

  1. Ithaca, NY
  2. Manhattan, KS
  3. Ames, IA
  4. Fairbanks, AK
  5. Corvallis, OR
  6. Lawrence, KS 
  7. College Station, TX
  8. Champagne, IL 
  9. Greenville, NC 
  10. Gainsville, FL 

Not yet convinced? MHK also was also featured in an article outlining 8 reasons to move to MHK:  walkability, museum and arts, food and beverage scene, and recreation being high on the list. 

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